change is good sometimes

hey my dudes!
after attending a catholic school all year, and not being able to anything interesting with my appearance due to a uniform and dress code, i decided to do something a little crazy.

i’ve been wanting to dye my hair for a while now, and i finally got permission from my parents, and did it!

it took all of these supplies.


my natural hair was brown with red highlights.

sorry this picture is so horrible. it’s from my first day of school last year. i look way different now, but my hair color was the same.

anyway, before i actually dyed my hair, i had to bleach it.

it looks kind of orange in the photo. it looked a little more blonde in real life.

i ended up with this:

i was just really bored with my hair before. i think i’ll keep it like this in high school.
so, what do you guys think?

it’s getting hot out now that it’s summer, so make sure you drink lots of water,
okay? love you.

stay alive