the real neat blogger award

hey broski.

have to say, i really regret writing that.


anywayyyy, athena over at ath3na’s little corner has nominated me for the real neat blogger award. thanks athena! make sure you take a look at her blog, it’s pretty cool.

so, rules.
 – publish this on your blog by answering all the questions.
put up the award logo over that post.
– thank the person who nominated you and also thank the person who made this award.
– nominate bloggers and ask them your own set of questions.

the questions:

which harry potter house are you in/do you think you’d be in?
ok, please don’t hurt me but i’ve never actually read harry potter.

what’s the most current series that you’ve binge-watched?
stranger things. i can’t- it’s so good! mike and eleven are my otp.

what’s your favourite book series that you’ve ever read?
a series of unfortunate events. i read then when i was maybe eight or nine, but i’ve reread then countless times since then. (btw, if anyone has any reading suggestions, i’d love to hear them)

have you ever had any paranormal experiences?
i was three when we moved out, but when i was little some freaking weird stuff happened in my old house.

if you would travel back in time to any era, what would it be and what would you do there?
i would go to the eighties! mostly cause of stranger things. idk what i would to there. just walk around, i guess.

i nominate:
lonelymeme @ life in a blogshell
kelsie @ north two south
savannah @ stars and stories

my questions for the nominees:
what was the last thing that made you smile?
what are your thoughts on mac’n’cheese?
do you say duck duck goose or duck duck gray duck? (goose is the correct answer btw)

i can literally only think of three questions and they all suck, but what are you
going to do? nothing.

the whole duck duck goose/gray duck thing is because i went to summer camp last week and got into an argument with the entire camp because they all say gray duck but i say goose. i mean, what even is a gray duck?

love you all, make sure you listen to the new t∅p songs, and drink enough water.

stay alive





awesome blogger award

hey my lovely flowers!
(i was typing followers, but flowers ended up on the screen. I like it better.)

the wonderful(who basically is my aesthetic) apollo over on killjoy has nominated me for the awesome blogger award. thanks apollo!


okay, so the rules are

~ thank the person who nominated you ~
~ include the reason behind the award ~
~ include the banner in your post ~
~ tag it under #awesomebloggeraward in the reader ~
~ answer the questions your nominator gave you ~
~ nominate at least five awesome bloggers ~
~ give your nominees ten new questions to answer ~
~ let your nominees know they’ve been nominated! ~

the awesome blogger award was originally created by maggie @dreaming of guatemala . this is an award for the absolutely wonderful writers all across the blogging world. they have beautiful blogs, are kind and lovely, and always find a way to add happiness and laughter to the lives of their readers. that is what truly defines an awesome blogger. ~~~coffeelovingbookoholic

okay, now the questions.

1) what do you usually doodle on your papers?
i usually draw these flowers and vines. it’s like the only thing i can draw, so it pops up pretty often on my papers(and on my arms).

2) how do you want to be seen by others?
i never really thought about it until now. i guess i don’t really know for sure, but i want to be seen as the quiet girl the thinks about things but stands up when she needs to. i want to leave something behind after i’m gone.

3) do you enjoy people watching?
yes, but only to see their unique habits, the way they move, or react. not to have a laugh.

4) what are your plans for this weekend?
you think i actually have plans. you’re funny.
I hope to see infinity war with my friend amira.
amira, this is me inviting you.

5) what was your last dream about?
i was in my kitchen, drinking coffee or tea, i don’t know, and my best friend from like, fifth grade walked in and started talking about tom holland.

6) if you were a color, what would it be?
i would be yellow, because the sun is yellow, and the sun is hot, like me.
(i’m so sorry, please don’t leave, i promise i won’t do it again.)
seriously though, i would be gray, because i don’t know gray. it makes me feel a million different things that i can’t quite identify.

7) what wouldn’t you do to help a friend?
i wouldn’t do anything that could hurt them. sometimes people try to hurt themselves without knowing. i love my friends and would never let that happen.

8) do you think your blog is a good representation of who you really are?
I think it’s a better representation of who i really am than how i act in front of people. if my friends and family read my blog, they’d probably just say i was being dramatic.

9) what are three songs you connect with right now?
broken by lovelytheband
“i like that you’re lonely, lonely like me. i could be lonely with you”

kitchen sink by twenty one pilots
“i’m a kitchen sink. you don’t know what that means, because a kitchen
sink to you 
is not a kitchen sink to me, okay, friend?”

waving through a window from dear evan hansen
“we start with stars in our eyes. we start believing that we belong, but every
sun doesn’t rise, and no one tells you where you went wrong”

10) do you consider yourself a romantic?
i’m a hopeless one, but definitely a romantic.

i nominate:
chloe luna @ midnight wanderer
romi @ don’t ask me what went wrong
charli @ star-freckld
bethany @ dear universe
mckenna @ alternate galaxy

my questions:
1) if you ever told someone you loved them, would you want them to remember?
2) stay up late or wake up early?
3) how would you describe your aesthetic?
4) do you think graffiti is vandalism or art?
5) last song you listened to?
6) do you want to get married?
7) leather jacket or hoodie?
8) how would you describe yourself physically, in the three words?
9) what is one of your nervous habits?
10) if you could change your name, what would it be?

sooooo that’s it. thanks for sticking around.
remember to drink plenty of water and don’t ever give up, okay?

stay alive